over hyped title : Japan Has Shattered the Internet Speed Record at 319 Terabits per Second

Facts : These 319 Terabits/s are split over 4 fibers ( so aprox 80 Tb/s ) in 2021. The previous record was 178 Tb/s in 2020 🙄 Also, this is not for the type of modern you can have at home ; it as special components and is extremely expensive for now. [white paper presented 2021-6-11](https://arch

I have footage a UFO. I uploaded my original footage, and a second zoomed in version. The zoomed in version is insane. I recorded the footage myself. If anyone can identify these objects please comment !!..


10-petawatt laser

original from SCMP 2021-July-02 …


Largest cyber attack ...yet !

This occured 2021-07-02 before holiday weekend in the u.s.a. original : the BBC (( my take : where needed, we should use only mathematically proovable safe systems. Excludes any bloatware ! ))…

Microorganisms becoming resource for plastic degradation and recycling processes.

(( my take : Biodegradable ! Science reverses stance on PET // polyester. )) …

JQ cheat Sheet -

JQ is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. This is a cheatsheet of commands and function that I’ve found useful for quick reference…